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The Ship for World Youth 1998 

This is an unofficial homepage for the Japanese governments Ship for World Youth programme 1998. The Ship for World Youth Program started in 1988 and offers the opportunity for young people in Japan and the rest of the world, by sharing life together on the Ship for World Youth, to study and discuss common problems from a global point of view and to be engaged in various activities on board the ship as well as in the visited countries.

 Areas to be invited are North America, Latin America and Oceania in odd numbered programs such as the first and the third ones, and are South West Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe in even numbered programs such as the second one. It could be said that youth exchange is realized with most of the world.

 As 1998 is a even year the journey will take us from Tokyo to Columbo on Sri Lanka by ways of Singapore and on to Mombasa in Kenya, Suez in Egypt and end the travelling in Oman's capital Muscat. On the boat there will be youths from Egypt, Kenya, Oman, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Great Britain, Greece, India, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania and United Arab Emirates